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Student Support

It is important to Benchmark College that you have the support that you need to complete your training course. Benchmark College has a range of support services available, such as:

  • Internal support: the trainer; the training manager; administration staff.

  • Study support, for example, the trainer can help with - organising time for study; identifying your learning style (e.g. visual - seeing; auditory - hearing; kinaesthetic - tactile/sensory) and computer skills for internet searching and goal setting.

  • Identifying language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills required for learning or referrals to LLN programs.

  • Equipment, resources and/or programs to increase access for learners who may require additional support, for example learning materials in alternative formats, e.g. in large print; resources in coloured paper.

  • Flexible scheduling/delivery of training and assessment.

  • Referrals to counselling services - Please be aware that there may be costs associated with external support services (i.e. counselling).

If you would like more information about external support services, click here. 

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